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World Class Jeep Restoration

They were born in Ohio.  Battle-tested on the beaches of Europe and the Pacific. Recruited and redesigned after WWII to drive across the United States. Now, many are being refurbished, restored and set free to roam the hills, valleys and beyond...

Please inquire about
L134 Short Block
 Overhaul and Rebuild Services

Restoration can be from ground up (bare frame up) or from any point customer desires."Willys Restorations" can rebuild the engine, transmission, transfer case, front axle, rear axle, or refurbishe frames and bodies. Sandblasting and Paint.

Restoration Projects

1947  Willys
 CJ-2A  Jeep

The First Jeep Ever in Spring Creek
Madison County, NC

It was purchased in 1947.  The current owner (great-grandson of the original owner) still holds the original title.

1947 Willys
 CJ-2A Jeep

This jeep was originally purchased in 1953.

1948 Willys CJ-2A

This jeep originally was brought down from Indiana  and is a classic example of frame-up restoration. 

This 1950s Willys Jeep Farm Trailer

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